XXXI: 4.12.20, Martinskopf 1.675

It’s Friday again! And last week the sunset tour was such a fantastic experience, we decide to repeat it. But, this is a working Friday so we’re leaving late and it’s already 14.15 when we set off from Kesselberg towards Herzogstand. Parking is full – and on the way up a lot of people pass us on their way down. Weather is great: sunny, no wind, bit of snow, pleasant warm – a dream. There’s 2 very steep moments but otherwise it’s a nice way up, with pretty views here and there. But, the weather changes quite abruptly: once we get close to Herzogstandhaus, it’s already quite windy. We decide to skip Herzogstand but go to Martinskopf at least – and the wind gets stronger. On the top it’s a little hurricane already and we can forget the sunset views because the sun is hidden behind clouds already. The mountains look spectacular anyway but couple of quick photos and we go back down before we’re blown off 😉 Another quick stop by the Herzogstand for a Glühwein we brought with us and we set off on our way back. And boy, is it windy! Crazy, the sudden blows – defo a different kind of adventure then last week 😉 But, it was great fun anyway! I take a moment to watch the stars as they shine so bright when there’s no city lights and then, after 4h in the great outdoors, we get back home.

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