XXXIV: 18.12.21, Jochberg

Ostatnia sobotka przed świętami, czyli przed wyjazdem do PL. Monachium znowu pod grubą kołdrą z chmur, a kamerki w górach pokazują błękit i słońce, zatem ruszamy na zachód słońca! Nie wysilam się zupełnie z planowaniem, bo ostatni tydzień w robocie mie nieco przeczołgał i po prostu jedziemy na Jochberg 🙂 Już za Starnbergiem wychodzi słońce,... Continue Reading →

VII: 26.2.21, Staffel 1.532

Yay! Another Friday sunset tour done 💪 And it’s been badly needed as today was a very stressful day at work. We left at 2.20 and barely made it up in time for a sunset! The sun decided to hide behind the clouds way before the actual sunset but we managed to get a few... Continue Reading →

30.5.19 Hirschhörnlkopf, 1.515m

What a fantastic tour 🙂 14km, 5.5h, 750hm - and we had the peak all to ourselves (for a couple of minutes at least). It's a long Rundweg - and on the way back you will be sure you're going the wrong way (since you go opposite direction for a long time) but no, it... Continue Reading →

Jochberg! Finally! 12.5.18

I already tried hiking Jochberg once, back in winter but gave up as it was way too slippery so we made a comeback now! It’s a popular destination but the hike itself - or rather 1st half of it -is unspectacular: going up up through a grayish shadowy forest. But, it does get better, as... Continue Reading →

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