X: 21.6.2020, Schönjöchl 1.661

Ok so we were actually supposed to hike Daniel, from Lermoos. But, Saturday was a bit of a late night, Sunday waking up was cloudy with a chance of rain so I did a last minute change of plan and decided for a smaller hike: we went to Plansee, as I wanted to see from above the lake we biked to the day before.

There’s quite a few mountains around the lake but very few of them described in any of the popular apps. The Plansee area is still quite untouched: no mountain crosses on tops (almost none), no cable cars and no mountain huts meaning: very few people 🤗 I found this very well described route: https://gipfelfieber.com/schoenjoechl-schonjochl-plansee-bergtour-bergwanderung/ (thanks Gipfelfieber!) and off we went to Schönjöchl! Beautiful route really, spectacular views of the lake, lush greenery of the forest and narrow hiking paths. It took us 4.5h and not 3h as in the description but we were in no hurry (well, maybe a little at the end when it looked like it’s about to rain 😅). It’s 8km all together, 700hm. Start and end is at the Plansee Camping – we’re planning to come back with tent soon!

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