I: 9.1.2021, Risserkogel 1.825

Woohoo, first tour of the year! Friday evening after chatting with Ania, I decided to join the girls group going to Risserkogel on Saturday morning – a peak we already tried once but back then, we had to back off as there was too much snow. This time it’s been couple of days already since the snow came and we’re taking a different route https://www.hoehenrausch.de/berge/risserkogel/suttengebiet/

So, off we go! Leaving the parking at 10am, it’s pretty cold (-8c) but sun is shining so it’s getting warm fast. The sign says 3h up but we make it up in 2.5h. It’s a beautiful tour, full of frozen views. There’s couple of people on the top, we take a longer rest up and then go down, partially sliding down – especially me 😉 We take a different route back so we make it a nice round tour. Great weather, good company, fantastic views – what’s more to ask for! A perfect beginning of another hiking year ☺️

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