30.5.19 Hirschhörnlkopf, 1.515m

What a fantastic tour 🙂 14km, 5.5h, 750hm – and we had the peak all to ourselves (for a couple of minutes at least).

It’s a long Rundweg – and on the way back you will be sure you’re going the wrong way (since you go opposite direction for a long time) but no, it is correct – and described pretty well here: https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/leicht/hirschhornlkopf/

The view from the top is stunning: Karwendel, Walchensee, Heimgarten, Herzogstand, Jochberg, Starnerbergersee, Rabenkopf, Benediktenwand and many more that I didn’t even recognize – and we met an older couple that was just pointing and naming everything on the horizon – very helpful 🙂

And on the way back, we made a stop at Kotalm and made friends with the locals – specially with the grandpa, who was born in Czech Republic and spent 30 years working for WN in PGR – what a small world 🙂

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