XV: 16.7.22, Rubihorn 1.948 & Gaisalphorn 1.953

Allgäu! I fell in love with you 💚

Original plan was: we do Nagelfluhkette. But, M. got sick, I didn’t feel like doing it alone and I needed an alternative. Staying overnight in a lovely Bauernhof, without Internet access, I looked at my paper map (always have a paper map just in case! ;)), I decided: Rubihorn it is! As I like roundtours the most, my original plan was to go this way https://www.hoehenrausch.de/berge/rubihorn/ but in the end I took a different, more exciting route:)

I left the parking at 8am – which is very early for me. There were a few people on the way already, not hot yet and until Gaisalpsee the way was always in the shadow and plenty little streams crossing the path so that was nice.

Getting to Gaisalpsee and seeing the Rubihorn and waterfall and the green meadows: how magnificent! True gem, this place! From Gaisalpsee it’s 1h up, always in the sun but there was a little breeze so it’s all good. Last meters to the cross are secured with a wire, all easy and the view from there and all the paraglides above, just wow 😍

Because I made it to Rubihorn quicker than planned and I still had time, power and will to do more, I decided to do Gaisalphorn as well, as the ridge going there looked really inviting! There were no signs pointing that way so I thought it will be a bit of a Kraxelei and yes it was… (I didn’t even take any photos on the way! Was short but intense 😬). I had to motivate myself to push it through and was very happy to reach the top AND discover there is a path going forward and I don’t have to go the same way down 😅

The rest was easy: slowly down to Geißfuß, then around Oberer Gaisalpsee and down to Unterer Gaisalpsee and then down same way I came this morning – except there were plenty people there now… I made a stop at lovely Berggasthof Gaisalpsee, had delicious meal in good polish company and made it back to Immenstadt just in time to pick up M. from train station 🙂 Absolutely perfect day! 😍

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