XX: 24.7.21, Hoher Fraßen 1.979

It was a very spontaneous trip to the mountains – so spontaneous, that I didn’t even have hiking shoes but running shoes only. Plans for the weekend were: I take Friday off and stay at Bodensee till Saturday meeting friends and then take a trip to Trier to meet a friend, who just moved back. But, as it often turns, plans are one thing and reality the other… I finished work Friday noon, doing last unexpected call sitting in the car looking at the lake and longing for getting out already. Had a lovely afternoon with Volvo people (and those are best people), took a swim in the lake twice and canceled all other plans and decided to go hiking alone instead. Sitting in the car at 8pm, I finally booked the hotel, asked the receptionist to wait for me 30min after closing time and hurried up direction Vorarlberg! What followed up was an evening out on the roof with a little prosecco and mountain view, delicious breakfast and a beautiful hike to Hoher Fraßen through blossoming meadows. Which confirms: it’s good to be spontaneous and take time off for myself – specially if that time can be spent in the mountains! Exact route is described here -https://www.bergfex.at/sommer/vorarlberg/touren/wanderung/182133,hoher-frassen-1979-m–bludenz-nueziders/ but I left the ridge too early, taking the turn down towards Tiefenseesattel, rather than staying on route, too bad! But still, a very nice hike with lovely views and delicious lunch at Mutterbergs Alm to finish it off.

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