XXVIII: 14.11.2020, Hochplatte 2.089

November has been generous to us this year! Fantastic weekend weather for hiking again, staying home would be a crime. So, this Saturday I went into the region I go most to: Ammergauer Alps. And somehow, I never made it yet to the most popular peak there: Hochplatte. I took this route https://www.bergtour-online.de/bergtouren/bergwanderungen/schwer/wanderung-hochplatte/ and I will definitely repeat it, in another variant cause it was Oh So Beautiful! The views, the light, the variety of it all. It’s a popular route no doubt but still, if you watch your distance, you manage to hear nothing but silence (from time to time).

I arrived at the parking short after 9am – which is early for me, and it was full – all the other parking spots on the way were full as well. And it was 2c freezing cold! I put on all I had – and after 25min took most of it off, as it was super warm, as forecasted. The whole day was like this: put a Pulli on, take it off again – repeat 😉

Spectacular tour really, no other way to put it. They say 4.5h to the top from the parking but it’s overestimated, I did it in 3.5h and I was taking it slow, enjoying the views all the way. The way down through the mountain pine is sparsely marked so loosing track is easy – which I did 😉 Taking rest at Weitalpjoch is a must, what a bliss! From there it’s 1.15 to the parking – marking says 2h. And again freezing cold, only at the parking! Guess the sun reaches that road only in summer really.

* Po prawej gamzy, po lewej czyjaś goła dupa wystająca z jaskini, przysięgam! Taki moment. Jaskiniowiec jak nic, albo zwidy miałam. Oraz, przemiłe spotkanie z artystą architektem, co wyglądał jak yoga teacher. Lubię takich ciekawych ludzi, free spirotŻyczył powodzenia z przeprowadzką 😉

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