3 lakes bike tour, 14.7.2018

It was supposed to be an easy laidback flat tour through Barm-Gerold-Grubsee and it was – for the first 15min 😉 Then we decided to take a turn into the forest, direction Finzbachklamm and up it went! It wasn’t easy but well worth it: the views of Barmsee from above, the stunning mountain peaks and wild path ending suddenly. Hiding from the rain under the trees and biking through the showers in the sunshine. Biking steep down towards the Geroldsee through green meadows – a Bavarian landscape at its best! The only thing we missed was taking a swim in any of the lakes – we were close to do so at Grubsee but M was hungry so we left to look for food – priorities, right? 😉

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