Jochberg! Finally! 12.5.18

D3ED0DA8-A76C-41DB-9EE8-06D967A87F73BED5CC82-D314-4797-B35D-8F6B283B36F251C3232B-349E-4F76-B362-21497205C534317DE000-C253-4BC8-B0DD-FB64F33C317B507B5893-2959-4A28-B8F6-00AF42D41281F8834B0E-A785-40E0-90F0-CD88E004D7E070868950-0620-465E-B090-BFC9A8ED323F49ABA49C-DD79-46C7-8849-A2AFD478537251EA8000-FE14-49E6-A393-FA75BD6C089C638D5CD1-6D00-4EBA-A5DD-CDB530D3A8B3BFAEE060-D288-4C84-B2BC-4568A9FA788F9FF3DEC8-B837-4FE8-A44C-D90EF3C2AE18D4F457B5-F55C-4493-89A0-6C7C25BB45D19A178D59-FD99-490B-9556-1C207F97718E3BC2C706-180E-49C2-B570-B7862540D9838E98879A-011F-4F77-91BE-455977FD6BF12F0FB572-A3D3-4DC9-A005-0D04CD6ECE00AAA83F62-F307-4156-A15D-D0C3E1428780I already tried hiking Jochberg once, back in winter but gave up as it was way too slippery so we made a comeback now!

It’s a popular destination but the hike itself – or rather 1st half of it -is unspectacular: going up up through a grayish shadowy forest. But, it does get better, as soon as the trees get more scattered and you get to see beautiful Kochelsee. And then you get out in the open and hike up the green hill, having the Karibik-like Walchensee on your right – Jochberg is perfectly located, that’s for sure!

We walked back almost the same way and drove to Walchensee – to lie down by the water, looking at the storm building

up over Jochberg. And we drove back home through it – perfect timing ☺️

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