Kratzer above Tegernsee, 22.4.2018

I wanted an easy walk through blooming meadows – we went straight into summer after long winter so everything is bursting with colors. And I got a meadow alright – that’s a wish fulfilled but that was it 😉 It was a tour full of surprises and we loved it!!!

Original plan was to hike Hirschberg, starting from Hirschberg Ski Lift in Scharling. And mind you, this tour is described everywhere as an “easy walk” – don’t be fooled, it’s not. You’re starting off right away hiking a steep ski piste. And it only gets steeper and although it’s “only” 1.5 km up, you’re done when you get to the top! From there, everything is easier though – until you reach the Alm and have to hike up through a field of snow! Wearing short sleeve and shorts – awesome 😎 After not such a short while, you pass Hirschberg Haus and reach sunny peak, overlooking Tegernsee on one side and yes, Hirschberg on the other. Yes, Hirschberg – the one we planned to summit only somewhere along the road, we swapped it for Kratzer it turns out – no worry, it’s fantastic too and only 100m lower. We longed for a beer but Hirschberg Haus is closed until May 4th so after a well deserved lunch, we went down to Scharling, via an easier route. All in all, it was ca. 11km, through summer and winter! And we will definitely be back to stay overnight at HirschbergHaus and conquer Hirschberg – this time for sure! 😝


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