Trier reloaded! 31.5.18

Rediscovering what I’ve never seen when I lived there for 8 years… Like a Moselschleife for example! I decide I need to see one and I choose the view tower on Prinzenkopf and off I go. Almost there, I spotted a cool castle above the road – and a real princess cannot leave a cute castle unattended! So, a sharp turn, bumpy road uphill and here I am, Burg Arras parking. And voila, turns out you can also walk to Prinzenkopf from here – perfect!

So, summing it up: castle is totally pretty, medieval and all, defo worth having a look at it, the Duchess sits outside (Arras is in private hands) and there is a restaurant up there – and a very green peaceful view.

And from the parking, the round tour to Prinzenkopf is pure magic, specially on the way back. Almost no people, green little paths, breathtaking views and you’re one with nature. Loved it BIG TIME, such a spectacular surprise – real gem, this this little tour!

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