Neuschweinstein walk around, with a cherry on the top at the end 🍒

IMG_5451IMG_5454IMG_5456IMG_5463IMG_5464IMG_5470IMG_5472IMG_5475IMG_5477IMG_5481IMG_5483IMG_5485IMG_5452IMG_5487IMG_5488IMG_5492IMG_5500IMG_5503IMG_5530IMG_5533Beautiful Saturday morning, we’re driving to Schwangau to finally see the fairytale castle in all its glory. Walked up there together with swarms of Asians storming in to see the German Signature Place to See. It is a handsome castle alright, no doubt about that. Managed to squeeze ourselves through the Marienbrücke, had brunch on the top of a hill overlooking the castle and then walked back down to the parking – always surrounded by masses of tourists. It’s definitely a great business place, that’s for sure.

Then on the way back to the car, we ignored the sign and walked towards an old water mill it seemed. And then we followed the sign towards the closed up (due to danger-rocks falling off) Pölletschlucht. And boy what a discovery it was! I felt like an explorer looking at a wild place no one ever seen before. And we had this wild water canyon all to ourselves – a pristine experience. Next time, we take this route to the castle and continue to Tegelberg, 6h or so needed – looking forward to it already 🙂

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