Rund um Eibsee, 3h bike tour 7.10.17

What a fantastic ride! I love the Zugspitz Arena, I love seeing that mighty mountain. And you can see it all the time while riding around the Caribbean-like Eibsee – a total treat. We parked 2km down from the lake, on the right side of the road (last possibility to park for free, before reaching the lake) and biked up (and I mean up up) to the lake. I gave up after a while and pushed the bike while walking, Marcin kept on going. We did the round tour around the lake, with a few stops to soak up the sun and the views. And because we didn’t feel like going back yet, just before the Eibsee Hotel we took a sharp turn right to follow the road up towards Hochthörle Hütte and Eibseeblick. I tell you already – we didn’t reach it as it got cloudy and cold and I was done – I’m not a mountain biker really although I absolutely love it. In any case, we did reach a spot where you could see the Eibsee from above – and it’s worth the effort. We got up from 842m to 1238m and when you’re there, Zugspitze seems to be really close – but that’s just an illusion. Looking all white and frosty and absolutely majestic.

We biked down fast – as it was really cold up there – and getting in the car and turning on the seat heating was a real pleasure 🙂

Overall: a day very well spent, nothing better than getting tired in the great outdoors!

PS. We would have been 30min faster at Eibsee, if it wasn’t for ME forgetting to pack Marcin’s wheel – that’s exactly how he claimed it, yes – funny, no? 😉 But a plus point for him realizing I missed it already 10 min after we left the house and not at GaPa for example 😉

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