XXII: 31.10.22, Piz Duleda 2.909

Sometimes everything just works the way it should – and that was the case with this tour:https://www.almenrausch.at/touren/detail/piz-duleda-2909-m-von-der-bergstation-col-raiser/

I went up early, with one of the first cable cars and hence saved the first 600 meters up. The sun was up on the way to Regensburger Hütte, clear skies and very few people on the way – perfect conditions. I went quick in the direction of Roa Scharte so that I was completely alone on the way there and it is a very special feeling to be alone with those beautiful mountains.

I had to take a decision if I’m going to go via more adventurous RoaScharte or easier SilesScharte but I always prefer doing round tours and the first option looked more inviting so I went left! And it was the best decision: again absolutely no one on the way, sunshine all the way and going up mostly secured 3A way up gave me just enough thrill and adrenaline to fully enjoy it 😍

Once you reach NivesScharte, it’s easy: only 200m up to the peak. And the wide angle view opens up: Sellaronda with Piz Boé, Sas Ciampac we did 2 days ago and even Tofanas far in the background. Bit windy on the way up and when I get there I put on the layers I’ve got so it’s still warm. Just one Italian guy up there, speaking some German so we talk a bit. He’s a local so can name most of the peaks without having to look at the app like me 😉 I can see people on Sas Rigais (which was my original plan for today), some others on Monte Putia and Col dala Pieres, which I’m still considering for today. It’s gets cloudy and cold and after 30min on top, I go back down.

After reaching the crossroads I decide against going up Col dala Pieres: it’s again 200m up in the shadow and then all the way down to the valley. And if I go down back to Regensburger Hütte, i might still make it in time for dinner and last cable car down. And the plan works! Topped with last 15min of sunshine lying on a bench in a quiet corner and beautiful sunset when I reach the parking lot. Thank you Dolomites! 💙🤍💙

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