From Pflegersee to St. Martinshütte, 18.2.2018

It was a beautiful winter wonderland in Munich but I was fixated on the idea of having lunch in the mountains so we drove to GaPa – and thanks to no great weather (I assume), there was no Stau on the way there – first time ever!

At first we were disappointed as it looked like there was less snow here than in Munich but when we got to Pflegersee and turned into small little forest path towards Grasberg, it was magic only 🙂

The tour is perfectly described eg. here so I won’t waste any more words on it, it’s a great 8km round tour. And just one more comment: the atmosphere and the food in St. Martinshütte is absolutely delicious! We will definitely be back for more in summer 😎img_0998-3img_1009-333af4f2a-f604-4085-b39c-f720a06ec4bd-2img_1002-2img_1004-3img_1005-3img_1001-2img_0999-3img_1003-2img_1013-2img_1006-3img_1011-3img_1007-3img_1020-3

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