From Ehrwald Bergbahn to Coburger Hütte (1.917m) and back to Almbahn parking via Immensteig, 16.7.2017


I was looking for a quick easy tour as my legs were hurting after Firmenlauf on 13.7 and someone posted Coburgerhütte tour on Bergsüchtig so I thought hey, why not, looks great! Sunday morning we packed and drove to Ehrwald. We parked by the cable car station, went up and started the walk from Bergstation. And it is a walk, it’s a bike road so not a hike as per my definition. It’s Sunday so it’s busy, plenty families and people on Ebikes. But, after a while you can take a turn into a forest path and then it becomes more interesting. Reaching Sebensee is an absolute highlight, that ice cold lake is a total gem. From there, we go up to Drachensee and that satisfies my needs of getting tired hiking up! We reach the Coburger Hütte and order Weizen and Kaiserschmarrn- perfect combo, with a stunning view over Drachensee.

After a good while, we’re ready to go back, first another small picnic stop at Sebensee and we decide to go back via Immensteig, all the way down to the parking. Phew, what a challenge for the last hour, I loved it! It’s a steep down path, with some ropes for assistance and there’s moments when one can get dizzy… We arrived at the foot of a beautiful waterfall, then a walk through the forest and out on a meadow with a stunning view of Zugspitze massive. Awesome tour!

Was supposed to be an easy one but took 6h all together, 18km. Too many people on the way there but met absolutely no one on the way down via Immensteig – perfection 🙂

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