Aggenstein (1.985) with my Dad :)

Getting up on Saturday at 6am ain’t my favorite thing to do but hey, anything to see my daddy 🙂 He arrived from Poland and me from Munich, meeting at 9am in front of Breiterbergbahn in Pfronten. The cable car and then Sesselbahn take you up to 1700m so it’s not much elevation any more to go up to Aggenstein, 1h15min to get to the top of the mountain, some ropes on the way as it’s fairly steep but it’s well worth it as the view is breathtaking! Truly magnificent.

It’s another 25min walk down and we’re at Bad Kissinger Hütte, it’s time for lunch!

The group continues to Austrian side and i go back down to Bergbahn station, weather is fabulous and so are the views, I’ll be back for more! But now it’s time to go back home and enjoy a sunny evening at Langweder See with M. 🙂

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