IV: 19.3.2023: Zion National Park

Years ago I saw my friends posting pictures from their van trip to Zion and somehow since then the name always sounded magical to me. And finally, here I am! I left campground early because Sunday at Zion can get busy so I get there before 9am already, no rain but cloudy and chilly 3c… First a bus ride to the last stop, where the River Walk starts – but I’m here just to take a picture, I’m going back to Grotto, where the West Rim Trail is starting. I want to go to Scout Lookout as Angels Landing requires a permit and I haven’t applied for one. It’s cold and I’m wearing everything I have but the hike is steep so it doesn’t take long to start unpacking 😉

Angels Landing is super busy and so is Scout Lookout so without stopping, I continue up. I see a couple taking a picture and I think they’re photographing people on the Angels Landing but nope, it’s a condor! I’m taking my binoculars out and there he is, Mr. Z9 🙂 I reach out a wide plateau and decide not to continue the trail but to go up a peak I can see above the plateau. It’s a wild path and it continues along the ridge – I’m curious if anyone else will be there and the answer is yes: 3 guys on their spring break, doing the Grand Canyon Loop that I originally wanted to do.

The way back down goes fast, there’s many more people still heading up. As I still have enough time, I decide to do Emerald Pools Trail, before I had back to the van. And the waterfalls are stunning! Must be so much fun in summer. I close the loop in Zion Lodge, eat a slice pizza, buy few things and reach my van just the moment the rain starts! Lucky me🍀 It was a beautiful hike ☺️

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