Rotwand 1885m from Spitzingsee, 27.8.17



5 of us got in the car to drove to Spitzingsee to climb Rotwand, apparently one of the more popular mountains in the area – but it turned out not to be very busy at all!

We parked at Taubensteinbahn and climbed at first steep up from there. It was hot&humid so not exactly ideal conditions but spirits were high so off we went, 2h45min up to Rotwand it should be.

Its a versatile route, goes through forest and meadows, partly along a fresh water stream. Reaching a Bergbahnstation, the view opens on both sides – and it was pleasantly windy up there. From there, it should be 1h to Rotwand and it’s a pleasant route, partially very wide and going up and down. We reach Rotwand after 2.5h, couple of photos and we go down for a beer to Rotwandhaus – and foood! With full tummies we take the road back to Spitzingsee, that one goes mostly through the forest, back to the parking.

We got caught by a small thunderstorm on the way, played on a children’s playground by the lake before finally getting back in the car and driving back to Munich.

Start: Spitzingsee, 1065m

Top: Rotwand, 1885m

Timing: 5h15min, including pit stops 🙂



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