16.4.2017: Mottarone, 1491m / Easter Sunday climb

Weather in Germany was anything but pleasant so we set off to spend Easter at Lago Maggiore and it turned out to be a perfect choice. We stayed in Baveno (well, basically in Loita already) at B&B Artelago and it was from there that we started the hike to Mottarone. It’s a mixed route: first goes through dense forest, then asphalt road, then open forest path and then high steep through the rocks. We made a first stop at Monte Zuchero (1230m), a perfect picnic spot, overlooking Borromeo Islands. From there, you can see Mottarone already but it’s still 3km walk.  There’s couple of restaurants on the top and a fun bobsled ride! And if you don’t feel like walking all the way down, you can take the cable car to Stresa – which we did and it was a free ride, as no one wanted to take money from us, they were passing us from one station to another until we left – oh well, ain’t gonna complain about that, thanks! 😉

It is a beautiful route all together: not busy, rich in stunning views and very versatile; fairly easy as well.

Starting point: Loita, 400m

End point: Mottarone, 1491m

Duration: 4.5h, 12.5km

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