What was supposed to be a beautiful walk to Trainsjoch but turned out to be a hike to Wirtsalm Sattel 😎 (30.9.2017)

The moral of the story is: do not go hiking without a map, dear children! Even if you just want to follow a route described in a book (no.47, page 86), map will still come handy if you wanna end up were planned.

We drove to Bayrischzell and parked (we thought) at the beginning of Trockenbachtal as described. After 20min walk through a forest road there was supposed to be a turn left but when it didn’t appear, we kept on following the road, it was marked as a red trail towards Trainsjoch. Only after 1h of continues hiking steep up it hit me that we must have started at wrong point, meaning we parked wrong. It was supposed to be an easy stroll and it definitely wasn’t so. But, soon the road turned into a beautiful path and we met 2 bikers with a map that showed us that we were in fact walking through Nesseltal – we parked 3-4km too early and it was too late to reach Trainsjoch today :/ Oh well, luckily the path to Wirtsalm turned out to be quite spectacular, circling a canyon through which it seems an avalanche must have gone through recently. We reached the Sattel, had lunch and walked back. Met almost no one, had the colorful fall views all to ourselves and decided to defo come back to Bayrischzell with a map, to climb the real Trainsjoch. And Wendelstein – a very interesting looking peak!


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